Freddie The Foxxx Meets Jimmy The Weed

Freddie Foxxx – The Master
(From Freddie Foxxx Is Here album; 1989)

Freddie Foxxx’s The Master wasn’t the first Rap video to have an intro, but it was the first to have an annoying intro that was almost as long as the song itself. All we wanted were some Paid In Full posse cameos, but all we got was Eric B as Fred’s spiritual guiding light, a sumo wrestler who looks like an AZN Biz Markie, and some Chinese lass ferrying Fred to the club on a rickshaw. Oh well, at least The Master is the one killer song from Fred’s first LP and one of the ‘ardest Rap songs of 1989 full stop.

Back in the early noughties ya host replied to a Hip Hop Rumours message board thread with a post about Freddie Foxxx allegedly bum-raping someone from Benzino’s crew with a baseball bat. A week or so later I received a surpringly polite message from Fred himself asking me to remove the post because it was wrong – he’d #actually only threatened to bum-rape someone from Benzino’s crew with a baseball bat. Moral of the story? And when ya nose is drippin’ and drainin’ blood, Bumpy Knuckles will be all up in your D.M’s saying “What, what? That’s wrong!”