Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Boutique Reissue Labels

Major Weight Media – Natural
(From Music Speaks Louder EP; 1997)

Fave song on that recently reissued Major Weight Media EP. Some late 90’s earnest everyman Seattle G-Funk with proper luscious bubble bath production. If Woodie‘s favourite rapper had been Snoop rather than 2Pac then his music probably woulda sounded like this.

Poor etiquette by the label who reissued this EP to not include a digital download with a release that’s tape/vinyl only innit? Download codes with both formats should be mandatory, but this is what happens when reissue labels are run by music collectors as opposed to music listeners. Me, I like to jam the shit out of the physical releases I pays my money for, so you can catch me with my boombox ridin’ shotgun in the passenger seat just so I can listen to this EP in its intended habitat of a car.