Former 1501 Certified Ent artist calls CEO Carl Crawford the devil and backs Megan Thee Stallions claim

In light Megan Thee Stallion’s lawsuit against Carl Crawford and his label 1501 Certified Entertainment, as she claims they are preventing her from releasing new music, Complex spoke to her former labelmates who are echoing her sentiments about the label.

Houston rapper HardyBoy Pigg says he was the first artist signed to the label, and he claims that Crawford “left me for dead” when he was locked up for three years. He added that Crawford “was on some bully stuff” when it came to releasing his music, which he said was held back like Megan claims her music has been.

They claim that Megan Thee Stallions success blindsided Carl and he did not know what to do! Pigg calls Crawford the devil!

Rapper Haroldlujah backed up HardyBoy Pigg and Megan Thee Stallion’s claims about 1501, saying it was “like signing with the devil.” Haroldlujah says a personal situation led to a strained relationship with Carl, and he added that 1501 was no longer promoting his music. Haroldlujah went on to say that 1501 owes him money, stating, “I’ve been hearing about a sit-down for three years. There’s never been a sit-down. My thing is, just give me my release papers and we can move on. I held up my end the contract.”