Florence To visualises the texture of dreams in 'ALUCIIN'

An examination of the relationship between movement and time, accompanied by the sounds of synthesised iron rods.

Using generative motion graphics and an architectural approach to spatial design, artist and director Florence To condenses her interests in psychoacoustics, neuroscience and computational methods into ambitious sound and light installations.

With ‘ALUCIIN’, the artist turns her attention to her dreams, examining the relationship between movement and time by rendering conceptual visualisations of her different dream states.

Florence To

“There is no rational experience but indispensable ambiguity between the temporal and conceptual”, she says of the piece. “The textures evolve into advanced repetitive variations inherent to contradictions and dualities”.

The hypnagogic sounds accompanying the animations were made using Cyema, an instrument of To’s own making that utilises the resonances of a number of synthesised iron rods. To weaves these soundscapes into the fabric of her dream visualisations, anchoring these abstract textures into a cohesive audiovisual experience.

Florence To

For more information about Florence To and her work you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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