Flo Rida files motion to get his baby mama's child support payment of $9,000 lowered for his sick son – HipHopHotness.com

Flo Rida had his lawyer file a motion on his behalf to have his child support payment $9,000 dollars reduced. Flo Rida claims that his money is supporting his baby mama’s Alexis Adams lifestyle and not the baby and his medical expenses.

Earlier in the year Alexis Adams won the case in New York which granted her child support payment $9,000 a month. Adams is the same woman who extorted NBA Player and Broadcaster Mark Jackson for nude photos. Flo Rida lawyer claims that Adams leaves in Atlanta so the New York ruling should not be ficial. Currently Adams is renting a $1,800 apartment in Atlanta which Flo Rida is paying for.

Adams also claims that Flo Rida has been a absent father and does not come see his son at all. Adams feels that the baby’s health problems is what keeps Flo away visiting his son.

“Flo has asked his high power lawyers to appeal the Magistrate’s finding that the Family Court here in NYC does have jurisdiction and to try to knock out his obligation to support Zohar, who by the way has had a very tough time it medically,” Giordano told us email.

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