Fetty Wap Federal Drug Case gets pushed back to February amid Plea Negotiations

Fetty Wap has been in the headlines a lot as of late for reason’s we are sure he is not proud of. Either Fetty has been arguing with his former label boss RGF owner Nitt Da Gritt or his now Federal drug case. While speaking on that, the rapper has been battling federal drug charges. The New Jersey rapper was held in federal custody until he posted a $500,000 bond. Now, it has been noted that Fetty’s federal drug case has been pushed back by two months.

Fetty Wap reportedly started plea negotiations, which is what caused the pushback. Fetty recently made an appearance in court via phone, with him and his lawyer agreeing to delay his trial. During the Eastern District of New York court hearing, Fetty’s lawyer Andrew Wenzel said, “We are starting plea discussions. I think we’re all in agreement that a consent adjournment would be appropriate until February 2 for us to continue plea discussions and for the defendants to review discovery.” This comes after Fetty Wap pleaded not guilty to the charges he was hit with.

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