FBG Duck best friend BCR Meezle shot and killed in Chicago

According to reports, FBG Duck best friend, rapper, and friend—BCR Meezle was reportedly shot and killed while at a Chicago hotel party.

News of the tragic shooting comes only months after the deaths of FBG Duck and King Von. The shooting reportedly went down at the Indian Lakes Hotel, and police noted they found multiple victims who had gunshot wounds inside the hotel. The rapper, whose real name is James McGill, was taken to St. Alexius Medical and was pronounced dead just after 3:00 am.

Bloomingdale Mayor Franco Coladipietro issued a statement on the matter, saying, “The unfortunate incident that occurred this morning may have been avoided if security was present as First Hospitality Group had promised in our meetings.” Coladipietro also noted that Bloomingdale is starting the process of revoking the hotel’s business license after the tragic incident. Stay tuned for more details.