Fans Added Twerking Megan Thee Stallion As A Backup Dancer For Adele

It’s Thanksgiving week, so holiday malaise has already set in. People are at home, possibly bored, possibly eating too much turkey, and very likely pondering the existential questions of the universe. Like, what makes a good relationship? When will I discover my true calling? And, of course, my personal favorite: How come Adele never has any back up dancers? At least, that last one was what one Twitter user had on their mind a few days ago, given the arrival of 30 and its insane first-week sales, she’s definitely been on everyone’s minds quite a bit lately.

But of course, in true Twitter fashion, it was a reply to the tweet — with a homemade, DIY solution — that really had the internet up in arms this Thanksgiving. To solve the problem that the original poster pointed out, another Twitter genius added footage of Megan Thee Stallion twerking to a song with the closest rhythm match. Seriously, this mashup is almost perfect, which makes the whole thing even better. While Adele belts out her 25 hit “Water Under The Bridge,” Megan pops and rolls behind her. Honestly, this is a collaboration that the internet has already gotten ahem, behind, it might just make sense to bring it into the real world. Adele, your move!