FACT combine 696: Fiedel

Veteran producer and Berghain resident Fiedel turns in a peak time FACT combine.

Born and raised in East Germany, Michael Fiedler didn’t initially have quick access to the revolutionary digital music rising from West Germany and the remainder of the world within the 1970s and 1980s. He must tune into West German radio, the place he started to listen to the techno, hip-hop and home music that piqued his curiosity as a young person.

Later on, when the Berlin Wall was pulled down in 1989, Fiedel made the pilgrimage to legendary German report retailer Hard Wax and joined a small however rapidly-growing neighborhood of dance music followers within the metropolis. In 1994, he moved to West Berlin after which in 1998, started working for Hard Wax formally.

It was within the mid 1990s when Fiedel met Erik Wiegand, aka Errorsmith, and the duo started working underneath the moniker MMM, releasing a run of 12″s that challenged the then-malleable techno components and nonetheless stand out in the present day. Fiedel has additionally launched a run of solo 12″s on his personal label, Fiedelone, and a lot of releases on techno establishment Ostgut-Ton.

His FACT combine is a set of bass-heavy, dancefloor belters and exhibits shortly why he’s such an in-demand DJ. A resident at Berghain, Fiedel is aware of impulsively what works, simply ensure you have a subwoofer helpful.


01. Double Dutch – ‘Pulso’
02. Bambooman – ‘Ricochet’
03. Emvee – ‘Groove On’
04. Strange Attractor – ‘Gyroscope’
05. Hooverian Blur – ‘Energy Energy’
06. Mickey Pearce – ‘I Am’
07. Yak – ‘Don Greno’
08. Africanism – ‘Don’t You Go Away (Dub)’
09. 2000 And One – ‘Funk That’
10. A Made Up Sound – ‘Endgame’
11. Four Tet – ‘Kool FM (Champion Remix)’
12. Errorsmith – ‘Lightspeed’
13. Bruce – ‘What’
14. Pangaea – ‘You Know What’s Up’
15. Forrest Drive West – ‘Un’
16. Kowton & Parris – ‘Deep Concentration (Parris Mix)’
17. Falty DL – ‘Small Room (Fake Smiling Faces)’