FACT combine 675: Perera Elsewhere

The doom-folk adventurer delivers a bounty for the dancefloor.

Sasha Perera, aka Perera Elsewhere, is a polyglot, if there ever have been one. Her 2017 album All This darkly blends trip-hop, R&B and pop with a rogue perspective towards so much the bullshit taking place on this second our time. (The album’s title observe is a slick snub the grim corporatizing identification that haunts URL and IRL.)

But her music proclivities aren’t resigned solely to the weather that make up her doom-folk output or the work she did as a member Berlin-based globalist dance music group Jahcoozi. Perera additionally DJs and when she does, it’s all about bass music.

For her FACT combine, Perera delivered two hours burners, together with tracks from Jlin, Equiknoxx, Fractal Fantasy, Errorsmith, Suzi Analogue, RP Boo, Murlo and far more, a veritable banquet some the music dance music taking place at this second. Perera says that is what she needs to bounce to when she DJs however that there are some deeper messages on the finish, when she takes down the vitality.


Soda Plains – ‘Rodeo’
Miss Red – ‘Dagga’
Thast & Zora Jones – ‘Out Da Kitchen’
Stagga & Magugu – ‘Gunshot’
Equiknoxx – ‘Last the Mohicans’
TSVI – ‘Whirl’
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – ‘God’
Majora – ‘Salt & Vinegar’
She’s Drunk – ‘Visions’
Richelle, Xzavier Stone & Sinjin Hawke – ‘All Black’
Jlin – ‘Enigma’
DVA, Killa P, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – ‘Bussgun’
Errorsmith – ‘Superlative Fatigue’
Bryte x Gafacci I – I Like Your Girlfriend’
Special Request – ‘Trippethylophosphazene’
Donae’o – ‘I Want Your Love (Roska remix)’
Motu – ‘Screwball’
Anz – ‘Loa’
Motu – ‘Yeah Riddim’
Errorsmith – ‘Lightspeed’
Marfox – ‘Bit Binary’
Rezzett – ‘Tarang’
P. Adrix – ‘Zelda Shyt’
Akcept – ‘Dreader Than Dread’
Gantz – ‘Pseudoooo’
Coucou Chloe x Kablam – ‘Sylph’
Itoa – ‘Turbo Sideman’
Jlin – ‘Annotation’
Yoee – ‘Clart (Itoa remix)’
Romare – ‘I Wanna Go (Turn Back)’
DJ Deeon – ‘Debo Juke Slide’
Suzi Analogue – ‘#000000 Nn Da Club’
Manni Dee & Deft – ‘This One, Art the Possible’
Otim Alpha – ‘Lok Lobocwero Cwinya’
Jlin & Zora Jones – ‘Dark Matter’
RP Boo – ‘Back to the Future’
Yasha – ‘Let Me Know’
Murlo x Conducta – ‘Together’
Proc Fiskal – ‘Dopamine’
Suzi Analogue – ‘Numba 1’ Feat. Jax
Tirzah – ‘Devotion’ Feat. Coby Sey
Oscar #Worldpeace – ‘No White God’
Robot Koch – ‘Monolith’
Perera Elsewhere – ‘Weary (Chino Amoebi remix)’
Perera Elsewhere – ‘You’re Lost’

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