FACT combine 674: Overmono (Tessela & Truss)

Brothers Truss and Tessela group up for a damaging combine wonky electro and techno bangers.

It’s arduous to imagine it took so lengthy for brothers Tom and Ed Russell, aka Truss and Tessela respectively, to start out producing music collectively.

Tom Russell has 10 years on his brother, and has been releasing information beneath the Truss moniker since 2007’s Forge EP, whereas Ed has been energetic since 2011. But the siblings’ musical improvement is inexorably linked; when Ed acquired a pair decks at age 11 (!), it was his brother’s document assortment that guided him in the suitable route.

In 2016, the pair inked a cope with London’s XL Recordings and launched a trio EPs – Arla I-III – assembled utilizing a slew dusty samples procured from a field spurious 1990s rave vinyl. This yr they’re persevering with the occasion with the distinctive Raft Living EP on Poly Kicks – 4 tracks slippery rave-influenced electronics that references all the things from Aphex Twin to Drexciya.

Tom and Ed’s FACT combine casts a equally extensive web, bashing by bangers from electro legends Aux 99 and course Drexciya earlier than some bassy cuts from Milanese and Geenius and modern oddness from The Modern Institute and Gabber Eleganza. It’s a relentless mix and one which by no means loses sight the dancefloor.

Overmono are set to carry out alongside Whities boss Tasker at London’s The Yard on November 9.


DJ Guy – ‘Thats Cdiif 1997 Side B – Trk 2’ (Exotic Robotics)
The Advent – ‘Stasis’ (Internal)
Bambounou – ‘Handd’ (Lavibe)
MI7 – ‘Rockin Down The House’ (Ruff on Wax)
ASOK – ‘Better Dead Than Alien’ (M>O>S Deep)
Jared Wilson – ‘Deepen The Mystery’ (I Love Acid)
Lemonick – ‘Crash Crove’ (Nervous Horizon)
Zennor – ‘Tin’ (The Trilogy Tapes)
Kyoka – ‘Lined Up’ (Raster Noton)
Aux 88 – ‘Alias’ (Puzzlebox Records)
Overmono – ‘Daisy Chain’ (Poly Kicks)
Drexciya – ‘Danger Bay’ (Underground Resistance)
Jabes – ‘Etch a Sketch’ (Treehouse Recordings)
Chevel – ‘Mecurial’ (Enklav)
Decal – ‘Riptide’ (Satamile Records)
Ed Chamberlain – ‘Dave’ (BaseLogic)
Milanese – ‘Billy Hologram’ (Warp)
Geenius – ‘Congo’ (Tempa)
Overmono – ‘iii’s Front’ (Whities)
The Modern Institute – ‘Dozern Cocktails’ (Diagonal)
EOD – ‘Edward’ (bbbbbb)
Burnt Friedman – ‘Intrication’ (Nonplace)
Overmono – ‘????’
Gabber Eleganza – ‘Never Sleep’ (Presto!?)
SØS Gunver Ryberg – ‘Lazayak’ (Noise Manifesto)
EOD – ‘Dagon’ (bbbbbb)
Kareem Lty – ‘Equilibrium’ (Quiet Time)
RX-101 – ‘Saiph’ (Suction Records)
Bakongo – ‘Bongo Crush Conch String Dub]’ (Conch)
VONDA7 – ‘Bacia’ (artwork | werk)
ATTRAKTTA – ‘Memoryhouse’ (FILM)

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