Facebook Just Signed a Deal With the Largest Music Publisher In the World

Universal Music Group inked the first deal with Facebook.  Now, it’s Sony/ATV’s turn.

Facebook’s music ambitions are rapidly taking shape, thanks to a pair momentous deals.  Late last year, the social network finalized a groundbreaking pact with Universal Music Group, which includes Universal Music Publishing Group.

That looks like the first many such deals.  Just this morning, Facebook finalized an agreement with Sony/ATV, the largest music publisher in the world (at least according to Billboard).   Sony/ATV is home to the publishing catalogs a large number superstar writers and songwriting performers, including Michael Jackson and the Beatles.

Collectively, the pair mega-deals ensures that Facebook users will not have videos containing copyright music ripped down.  Or, this at least dramatically reduces the chances — at least until other publishers and labels fall in line.

(One quick clarification: Sony/ATV is a music publishing company, meaning the company is focused on compositions instead recordings.  A composition refers to underlying song elements like notes and lyrics.  The recording is the manifestation those notes and lyrics into tangible form (like a yin/yang).  Accordingly, Facebook is licensing both recording and publishing deals.)

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According to the publishing giant, the deal also covers Instagram and Oculus.

“Under the agreement, users will be able to upload and share videos on Facebook, Instagram and Oculus that contain compositions licensed from Sony/ATV’s catalog.  They will also be able to personalize their music experiences with songs from the catalog,” the company confirmed.

Sony/ATV confirmed the deal to DMN this morning.

In total, Sony/ATV’s catalog contains 3 millions songs.  Its deep, revenue-rich roster includes Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Carole King and Queen.  But it also contains younger stars like the Chainsmokers, Drake, Pink, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Oh, and a bunch Motown tracks and classics like “Over The Rainbow,” “Moon River” and “Singin’ In The Rain,” all which make for some great Facebook karaoke.  “We are thrilled that in signing this agreement Facebook recognizes the value that music brings to their service and that our songwriters will now benefit from the use their music on Facebook,” Sony/ATV chairman and CEO Marty Bandier shared.

“We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”