Eric Bellinger drops Tory Lanez diss record "Yikes" for stealing his style –

Eric Bellinger seems to have had enough what he claims to be Tory Lanez stealing his style and making Millions f it. On Tory Lanez new album he also took a shot at Eric Bellinger spitting the lyrics “Hate To Say,” making fun his hairstyle and viral attempts. “R&B niggas with Sisqó haircuts, wildin’ and stylin’/ They dissin’, guess they just tryna go viral, I feel,”.

It seems that Jab did not go unoticed by Eric and he clapped back with his Song let alone verse aimed at Tory. Check out Eric’s diss at Tory below and tell us what you think. Who won Eric or Tory?

Quotable Lyrics:
First time you stole my shit, I nevermind it, wasn’t stressin
Second time you did it, okay now this needs addressing
Like any artist with my craft, I work hard
I thought you would understand but you was focused on the car
(Are you stupid?)
I don’t know a person that could make it through the challenges
I see on a daily nigga, you don’t know how bad it is
We live in a day and age where they don’t know what talent is
Yo’ only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented

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