Edel MJ Shares His Own Reality On New Urban Hit “Soñando Despierto”

California-based urban singer-songwriter Edel MJ has dropped his latest contribution to urban music under the form of a mindblowing production titled, “Soñando Despierto.” Sung in spanish and released via Higher Living Music, the song is paired with a music video that fits the song’s feel 

What inspires Edel MJ to create is the real and raw experiences he or the ones  surrounding have been through in their lives. He takes the substance of these experiences and turns it into explosive songs, his biggest asset remaining the performance of his art. He is an innate artis who excels, beyond what anyone could imagine, at embodying the energy and vision of his lyrics when they come to life through his remarkable flow.  

In constant evolution, his style has morphed along the years, getting richer and more powerful by the day, and after “Three Hearts” and “Soñando Despierto,” we are so excited to see what Edel MJ’s next release will sound like already!