Dwyane Wade is being sued by Zion/Zaya’s mother Siovaugn Funchess Wade for allowing her to get *** change surgery in March

Dwyane Wade and his family broke the internet when he came out and announced that his gay son Zion Wade be changing his name to Zaya Wade because he is a transgender. D Wade was a guest on the hit daytime show Ellen and spoke on this!

Well now D Wade’s ex wife Siovaugn Funchess Wade is speaking out and she is pissed f that D Wade is allowing her son to go thru with this. We now hear that Siovaugn is suing D Wade claiming that D Wade is now allowing Zion/Zaya to have a actual *** change surgery where Zion will change his male penis to a woman’s vagina. Of course being under 18 the parent guardian which is D Wade has to sign f on this! We hear D Wade has already signed f on it and surgery is schedule for sometime in March. Stay tuned for more updates!

Dwyane Wade’s interview about Zion/Zaya: