Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross confirm that they plan on buying an NFL team together

Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross, two towering Miami legends, have a shared history. Florida was always a football state—and then Dwyane arrived. And Rick was there to welcome him to the Heat and help transform Miami-Dade County into ‘Wade’ County. Now they sit down to interview each other 16 years after Dwyane Wade’s arrival, one-on-one on GQ Sports.

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Ross, on the other hand, isn’t planning on leaving the rap game anytime soon. But he’s thinking about options when he does: “Let’s say the opportunity presented itself,” says Ross to Wade, “and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team. Is that something we move forward on, or don’t?”

“I move forward,” says D-Wade, completely serious. “I move forward on it.”

“I’m glad,” says Ross, as they shake hands.

D-Wade & Rick Ross speaking on Co-owning a team