Drake’s Son Adonis Is Learning Yoga By Watching His Mom

Now that Drake is no longer hiding the world from his kid, fans can’t get enough of Adonis doing adorable things, from getting dressed up on his first day of school (preschool, that is) to Drake and Nicki Minaj plotting play dates for their sons. Adonis’ mom Sophie Brussaux also occasionally shares photos and videos of the three-year-old to her social media as well, including the latest one that has fans going crazy in the comments as Adonis mimics his mom’s yoga poses.


Drake may be wishing for a little of his kid’s flexibility right now. He recently posted a photo of his leg propped up on a pillow with a brace once again wrapped around his knee. Whether from a result of a “Toosie Slide” gone wrong or an injury sustained while winning his rec league championship, it looks like his knee will keep him sidelined for the rest of 2020 — although considering his plans to have his next album Certified Lover Boy ready to go in 2021, the timing might just work out in his favor, as so many things often do.

The now 34-year-old Torontonian expects fans to hate on the album regardless of the time he’s spent perfecting it but considering his decade-long dominance of pop culture, Adonis’ dad will probably be okay — although maybe he should take up yoga, too.

Check out Adonis’ cute yoga video above.