Dorian Surprises With Musical Maturity On His Two Parts Project Songs In The Key Of Love

Dorian, New Jersey native singer, songwriter, and producer released a two-parts collection Songs In The Key Of Love – a romantic and passionate R&B-pop tune. 

Dorian surprised us as we were looking for some new examples of genres fusion between R&B, soul, and pop. Songs In The Key Of Love, somehow a The Weeknd-feels album, gives us all we were thinking about and desiring from a new artist’s music. The collection is a balanced and neatly produced project that incorporates the best from all genres. It addresses R&B’s desire, and smooth vibe, pop’s synths that energize you, and deep, meaningful lyrics rooted in the soul. 

Songs In The Key Of Love has more than catchy and satisfying sounds. Dorian tells his life story, as he struggled with his sexual identity and his place in the world due to his religious upbringing and even societal views. Growing up in a very conservative place shaped his music as a medium to vent out his troubled thoughts. Dorian bravely shares his experiences and inspires his listeners to not be afraid of who they are, who they love, and just push on to feel free.