DivKid launches first Eurorack module, Mutes

Mutes is on the market ready-made or as a DIY package.

If you’ve ever browsed YouTube for modular synth demo movies you’ve most likely come throughout DivKid, whose Eurorack demo videos are a number of the most educated and in-depth out there.

With the assistance of Eurorack developer Befaco, the YouTuber and Eurorack skilled has right this moment launched his first module, a reasonable, compact 4HP efficiency software known as Mutes.

As the title suggests, Mutes is a software for muting audio, however also can break up teams of alerts to a number of locations permitting it for use for dub-style mixing results. It also can mute CV modulation alerts, sequencers and gate sources.

As DivKid’s demo video explains, the module circuitry consists of vactrols for click-free muting and a slight decay. The switches will be on, off or momentary, which permit for some attention-grabbing efficiency results.

Mutes is on the market as an assembled unit (£110) or as a DIY package (£58.33) and PCB/panel combo (£37). Find out extra on the DivKid website.

DivKid launches first Eurorack module, Mutes

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