Discover Raquel Kiaraa’s Newest Hit “Love Got Me Sick”

Raquel Kiaraa recently dropped her new song “Love Got Me Sick” along with her EP titled Defying Odds. Genre-defining vignette, “Love Got Me Sick” is an incredible song fresh out of Raquel’s creative arsenal with over 45K views on YouTube and even more streams on Spotify. Raquel fully showcases her powerful voice in the exotic song as well as the remaining ten tracks of the EP, making the audience fall in love with her charisma and talent. 

In the past, Raquel has consistently released great songs, much loved by the audience. “We Know” with 68K streams, “Release Me” with over 120K streams, “Scorpio” and “Love To The Moon” are some of her most popular songs. Her music is fresh and original, and her personality is simply inspirational as Raquel is not only a singer-songwriter but also an entrepreneur, a female role-model, a mother, and a coach to many athletes.

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