Discogs launches weekly Top 40 Trending Albums Chart | The Music Universe

Chart will display buying habits physical media

Discogs, the leading online physical music Marketplace and Database, has launched a weekly interactive chart tracking global music consumption. Released every Wednesday, the Discogs Top 40 Trending Albums chart will aggregate the most collected records the past week pulling from data the over seven million active users in the Discogs database.

Discogs Top 40 Trending Albums chart release comes from an industry need for transparency in overall buying habits consumers and online sales physical music through 3rd party sellers. With an open-source Database over 12 million cataloged releases and over 53 million items for sale through its global marketplace, Discogs has unparalleled data in regards to the music and collector communities at large.

“We’re excited to share this fresh look at music consumption unique to the Discogs platform and our data,” remarks Jeffrey Smith, Director Communications and Partnerships. “The new Top 40 creates a global look at what the Discogs Community is currently adding to Collection while giving music fans a more human sense discovery and the music industry a broader sense physical demand.”

Additionally, Discogs integrated its iOS and Android apps with Apple Music, providing users with a streaming preview service that will make their experience in the Discogs App more complete. Discogs also released a free 24-page eBook, The Discogs Guide To Record Collecting, aimed at helping consumers navigate building their record collection and acting as a definitive resource for all vinyl record collecting questions.