Diplo Snaps Back At Haters After Facing Backlash About Playing Movement 2018

While Detroit’s Movement Music Festival for years on end has been a holy ground for its devout Techno community and fanbase, year on year the line up features the who’s who the underground scene. 

Just yesterday they announced their line up for the 2018 edition, and let’s just say that all didn’t go down well in paradise after they decided to switch it up a little and add a couple acts from outside their comfort zone. Or, at what least seemed out place for recent attendees.

Names like EDM’s own Diplo, Rezz and Mija were up on the flyer in addition to a stacked line up the Techno and Tech-house mainstays. This didn’t exactly go down very well with the Techno snobs and Movement regulars as they took to social media to make this heard loud and clear.

They mixed things up for sure, we wouldn’t say Wu Tang Clan was a very predictable headliner! But hey, isn’t the element surprise what makes these line ups and festivals all the more exciting and versatile? 

While Diplo took most the brunt, he didn’t stand down and snapped back with sarcastic and cheeky replies. Sure, it’s out the ordinary to see him on the line up a festival that honors the underground and Techno scene year after year on its home turf. But be rest assured, being the versatile artist that he is, Diplo ain’t dropping any Edm chart toppers here. Through the layers sarcasm in his replies, Diplo stated that he would be bringing some “Nu Deep” vibes to his set at Movement. What this sounds like we’ll just have to wait and hear. 

In an array tweets from telling him not to show up at the festival, to calling Rezz, Mija and Diplo on the lineup hacks, Twitter was lashing out and how.

Check out some the tweets below, and more importantly Diplo’s come backs to them!

And then there was the Donald Trump Techno, a twitter user by the name frankiecarbone9 who not only went head to head with Diplo, but also Mija and made wild accusations about how men in music like Skrillex and Ghastly were the ones who produced for female artists like Mija to make them any good. Well, good riddance the user now seems to have left / been blocked from Twitter!  

But honestly, this one was such a winner! 

And then there was, this! 

We guess we’ll just have to wait and check out Diplo’s set to see what he’s got up his sleeve. But in the meantime, F**k Genres, lets dance!