Diddy offers young model who H&M called a Monkey Million dollar modeling contact with Sean John – HipHopHotness.com

The fashion giant H&M is currently under a massive firestorm. Earlier today they posted a picture which showed a young black model wearing a sweater which read “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. Maybe H&M didnt understand the magnitude this and it was a honest mistake, but man they dropped the ball.

They have been under so much backlash that they deleted it from their site and now have lost one their biggest models in “The Weeknd”. The Weeknd posted on his verified twitter account that he will no longer be working with H&M who releases a line specifically designed by him.

In the wake all this Diddy posted a picture the same young black model with the caption reading “Coolest King in the world”. Reports are Diddy reached out to the kid and fered him a Million dollar deal to sign with Sean John. No word yet on if he accpeted, but if so this is so awesome by Diddy and another reason why he is probably the greatest to ever do it

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