Did Yung Joc Accidentally Send $1,800 To The Wrong Person?

After sending the wrong person nearly 2k — $1,800 in total — Yung Joc was blocked and is now pleading with fans to help him.

The Atlanta rapper shared his embarrassing situation on Instagram Wednesday, posting a series of screenshots he sent the person begging them to return his funds.

“Hi can you please return the $1,800 that I mistakenly sent to your account via Zelle,” Yung Joc wrote via text message. “I don’t know you nor do you know me…Please do the right thing…God has a bigger blessing for you.”

After his pleas were ignored, the “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper continued to message the person, despite admitting he may be blocked anyway.

“I know you’ve blocked my number and that’s ok I just need the $1800 that was sent your account via Zelle,” Joc continues.

Following the lack of response, the rapper turned Love And Hip Hop reality star and radio host urged his fans to get involved in the issue. Joc called on his fans to try and reach out to the person.

“So I sent them a Zelle by mistake, and they won’t return my money…. can y’all please call/text them and ask them to return my lil change?” he wrote on Instagram.

While it seems some fans did try, some noted it might just be a lost cause.

“Ohh I know he ain’t went to IG for some help. Sir, at this point it’s God’s blessing to whomever you sent it to. Take this as a loss and a blessing,” one person commented.

Since the plea, the rapper has been relatively quiet on social media, and it doesn’t seem like he got his money back either.