Is this a dream or are we just hallucinating? In case you’re still staring at the screen looking for some answers, we’ve got you covered. The 30 year old recently did an interview with DailyMailTV, where she was asked about Rob Kardashian and her answer was utterly surprising. Chyna, who has even taken her relationship with rob to court, admitted that there’s still room for reconciliation.

After the crazy meltdowns, insults and physical attacks, Blac Chyna had nothing but positive things to say about her relationship with Rob: “I wouldn’t change nothing with Rob & Chyna at all ‘cause that was our reality,” she told DailyMailTV. “The good, the bad and whatever else. I feel like a lot of people misconstrue the whole situation. There’s no way I could have a beautiful baby girl as super-smart as Dream. You can look into her face and just tell she was made with love. She’s, like, perfect.”

Well, we’re happy to see Blac Chyna approach the matter in a civilized way, and we can understand her wanting to raise Dream alongside her father. however, we don’t see Kris Jenner approving of this, or any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, since there’s been so much shit talking after the very nasty and public break up.

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