Deep Synth is a handheld instrument that performs the THX sound

It seems like a Game Boy, however it makes the best sound ever designed.

A developer in Oregon has made what can be a synth dream come true for anybody obsessive about the well-known THX “Deep Note” sound that’s been a staple of multiplex cinema visits for the previous 35 years.

As CDM reviews, Bob Miller has created the Deep Synth, a handheld instrument made with a Game Boy-inspired 1Bitsy 1UP console. Despite its tiny measurement, it will probably recreate (and play) the 30-voice artificial crescendo that’s change into synonymous with large-scale cinematic audio over the previous 4 many years.

Here’s the unique THX Deep Note sound for reference.

The 1Bitsy-1UP platform is extra superior than a Game Boy, so that you in all probability received’t get the identical outcomes from hacking your previous Nintendo console. But the platform is open supply, so there’s very risk of having the ability to use it to create your individual Deep Synth as soon as it’s out of the prototype stage.

You can examine how Miller created the Deep Synth in additional element right here and discover the code at Github.

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