‘Dave’s GaTa Blurs The Line Between Fiction And Reality With His New Song, ‘Check Up’

For those who watch the “gross, sweet” FXX comedy Dave, one of highlights of the show is the lead character’s interactions with his friend and hype man GaTa. As the show’s titular lead is portrayed portrayed by the real-life Dave Burd — aka Lil Dicky — so to is the show’s GaTa just a lightly fictionalized version of the actual GaTa, who has been Lil Dicky’s hype man since early in his career.

In both the show and IRL, GaTa is a talented rapper in his own right. While the show plays up GaTa using his connection with Dave to help himself breakthrough, in the reality, he’s been releasing a steady stream of his own music since before the two first linked up in the blog rap era. Viewers were reminded of this fact in the latest episode, where GaTa’s new song “Check Up” plays a pivotal role in the episode’s plot.

Of course, with this show, the lines between fiction and reality blur constantly, and so “Check Up” has turned out to be a real song released by the real GaTa to streaming services like SoundCloud, and it’s a catchy, charismatic, club-ready throwback to a time before rap songs were more humming than rapping.

Listen to GaTa’s new song, “Check Up,” below.