Dave East facing rape charges after ThreeWay in Las Vegas went bad

Dave East was recently in Las Vegas this past weekend with 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and others performing at Drai’s Nightclub. It seems after the show, Dave took two girls back to his room at the Delano Hotel. East told police ficers that one the woman in the Three-Way was mad that he didnt show her enough attention so she threw champagne bottles at him hitting East in the head.

However, the woman claims that she got into an argument with Dave during the encounter, and she says that he threw 5-6 punches at her. The woman claims that she then ran into the bathroom to call the police, but she made no mention throwing bottles at the rapper.

Two other people verify East claims and East even had to get a CAT Scan on his head for the injuries. Stay tuned for more updates.