Datsik Unleashes The Heat With Master Of Shadows EP

When the name Datsik comes up you know the things are gonna get super crazy. 2017 has been a busy year for the FIrepower Records bossman. The label released some the craziest tunes from guys like Kompany, Wooli, Bandlez etc. Now it’s finally time that we hear what the main man Datsik has been cooking and its safe to say that he’s starting 2018 with a bang. He just came out with his Master Shadows EP that contains some real crazy records and collaborations and to top it f he’s going on a huge Ninja Nation tour. Check out the whole EP below:

The EP starts f with the track “Pressure Plates” which is an uplifting track and carries influence from early dubstep. The chords, main lead line and melody prepares for a heavy drop and this is something that’ll get the crowd super pumped up. The second track, named “Warriors The Night” is personally one my favorite and is a collaboration with none other than Virtual Riot. If you’ve been following both the artists for a long time you know that both are heavily influenced from the Japanese culture and this is something that can be heard in the track.

Coming to the third track, “Bad Behaviour” is a collaboration with yet another dubstep OG, Ganja White Night. This track has a crazy special arrangement with T Rabb taking on the rap and both the artists going crazy ham in the drop. Definitely something that’ll blow your head f. Now, the 4th track is a collaboration with one the FIrepower Records artists, JPhelpz. Named Ronin Riddim, the track starts f slowly with a filtered brass, some percussions and a vocal sample that quickly leads the listener to a neck breaking drop. On to the 5th track from the EP and yet another one my favorite is a Datsik original and goes by the name You’ve Changed. The track has a pretty similar arrangement to Bad Behavior and is something that’ll get the listeners on their toes and 100% will cause some destruction at the festivals.

Now the 6th track is yet another collab with Virtual Riot and both artists went IN on the drop but still have given some space for the listener to catch their breath in the breakdown. Hands down, one the craziest tunes from the EP. Heading over to the last track which a 3 way collaboration with Excision & Dion Timmer. The track reflects these guy’s forward thinking approach and is something that all the bassheads will get crazy about. The 2nd drop is pretty hard, so yeah, beware or you might break your neck. The whole EP is super creative & cohesive in terms musical direction is concerned and we don’t even have to talk about the production quality, which is obviously top notch!! 

Pretty sure this is one the best ways to kickstart the new year. This EP and also Kompany’s new Revolt EP which is now out on Never Say Die. Every tune on this EP is super hard too, so yeah, this is kind a heaven situation for bass lovers. In addition, Datsik is on a massive Ninja Nation tour and will be joined by Space Jesus, Wooli, Carbin, Swage and some special unannounced guests. Do catch him if he comes to your city. Follow the tour dates below:

Datsik Unleashes The Heat With Master Of Shadows EP