Damon & The Crushboys Tell The Class Of 2020 To ‘Hustle With A Purpose’

A newcomer in the field of music, Damon is also a healthcare professional by day based in Washington D.C who has created a near-perfect 3-minute track with The Crushboys, “Hustle With A Purpose”. His passion for music, sharing, and educating people, especially students, is inspiring, and “Hustle With A Purpose” is a song filled with advices, wise lines, and motivational lyrics created with the purpose to uplift and help students of the class of 2020 get over their exams with a focused mind. However, the song is a funky hybrid Hip-Hop track that gets you all set-up for the day ahead, a party, or a fun time with the family. Viewers will also enjoy the captivating choreography crafted for “Hustle With A Purpose,” already going viral on Tik Tok and YouTube with over half a million views.