Curren$y Teases Sequel To Wiz Khalifa Collaboration Tape "How Fly"

As if the current summer lineup upcoming releases wasn’t crazy enough, Curren$y has arrived to tease a project that’ll send all us back to 2009 again. 

In a much earlier, and simpler time, before rappers were defined by their face tattoos and their amount clout tokens, stoner rappers Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y dropped a collaborative mixtape: How Fly. This was still early on in both their careers – Wiz’s breakout hit, “Black and Yellow,” wouldn’t drop for another two years – but the project was still an anticipated collab for both their fan bases. 

Now, almost nine years after the release the first How Fly, Curren$y is teasing the release a sequel to the project. According to Curren$y, he and Wiz raised this current generation rappers, and now they have to drop the guidelines on them once again, on the anniversary the first mixtape.

“@wizkhalifa can’t lie…if there was ever a time it’s this summer bro.. the game is in a twist and we lo-key inspired hella these young niggas to start hustling.. we gotta drop that guideline for them again,that code book “2009” on the anniversary howfly… u ready loved one?,” Curren$y wrote in his tweet to Wiz. 

How Fly originally dropped on August 9th, 2009, so there’s still a good month-and-a-half at least before the project would theoretically be released. Hopefully this means that they’ve already finished the project, as Wiz is likely busy with his own upcoming album, Rolling Papers 2.

Update: Wiz confirms his involvement in the project. It’s a go, people!