"Creed 2" Trailer Gives First Look At Michael B. Jordan & Tessa Thompson

When Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan teamed up to bring the world Creed, a continuation the Rocky Balboa story, not everyone was convinced. Rocky himself, played by Sylvester Stallone, seemed to be tired. His last film before Creed, entitled Rocky Balboa, was a feeble attempt at breathing life back into the franchise in 2006. Fans the Rocky movies weren’t sure if they wanted another film after the 2006 release, but Coogler and Jordan corrected their way thinking. The duo revitalized the franchise with a new take.

Rocky’s main competitor in the first movies dies at the hands Ivan Drago in the fourth film. Left without a father, a young Adonis Creed (Jordan) grows up with the same fighting fire in his soul that his dad once had. Creed 2 will continue Adonis’ story, and the first trailer for the sequel was released today. 

Creed 2 may have lost Coogler as a director, but Jordan is back alongside Stallone and the gorgeous and riveting Tessa Thompson. The new trailer teases a battle between Adonis and the son the man who killed his father. It looks like this film will be centered around legacy and the sins our fathers playing a role in destiny. Check out the new trailer below and catch Creed 2 when it hits theaters on November 21.