Craic Your Body

Andwella – Hold On To Your Mind
(From World’s End album; 1970)

Psychedelic rockers from Northern Ireland invented House music in 1970. Listen to the opening piano on this song for the proof. Like Curtis McClain nearly sang on Marshall Jefferson’s Move Your Body, gotta have Hop House all night long! Anyhoo, these fellas were a big influence on Thin Lizzy, apparently.

Bonus 1970 beats:

Ennio Morricone – Svolta Definitiva
(From Città violenta soundtrack; 1970)

Charlie motherf*ckin’ Bronson always brought the best out of The Vividest Composer. Seriously – who’d have ever thunk that The Maestro™ could compose a song that sounds like The Stooges jamming with The Mohawks? Alas, ya host can neither confirm nor deny whether the movie lives up to the soundtrack