Corvette Corvette rapper Popp Hunna reveals he almost committed suicide after Uzi Vert disowned him for being Snitch

Philadelphia rapper Popp Hunna had one of the most viral records late in 2020 with his song “Corvette Corvette”. The rapper blew up over night it seemed like, and the icing on the cake was when Lil Uzi Vert jumped on the remix of the song. Once Uzi Vert jumped on the remix, rumors of Popp Hunna being a snitch got leaked and proven right when paper work was leaked showing he snitched on his best friend. Since then Uzi has went on instagram and told Popp Hunna that he can not support or be associated with a rat. Rumors been going around that Popp Hunna was trying to committe suicide. Check out Popp’s post below revealing that he has since gotten better.

Verified #Popphunna let’s his fans know he’s doing well after he made serval concerning posts a few weeks ago. 18h bigbuccs_don's profile picture bigbuccs_don Nigga got in that corvette -