Conor McGregor clowns Mike Tyson for blowing $300 Million and now being only worth $1 Million today –

People have been trying to give the MMA superstar Conor McGregor a lot financial advice since his big payday verse Floyd Mayweather Jr. Everyone is trying to warn Conor that like the greats before him who went broke he is not immune to that same fate. One those greats is Mike Tyson who on a radio interview tried to give financial advice to the MMA superstar.

It seems Conor isnt feeling that. Conor made a post on his instagram account where he clowned Tyson for blowing his $300 Million dollar fortune and now only being worth $1 Million.

Conor said
“Here is today’s thoughts – Financial awareness is key at all times,” began the Irish fighter. “Look at many our favourite athletes and performers post career. Often it is not a pretty site. Tyson made over 300 million in his fighting career and today stands at a net worth just 1 million. You must be switched on at all times with your money. We cannot switch f here.

“Know your money and where it is going at all times and never ever go broke, trying to look rich. This is coming from me. I am the most flashiest. I just posted a picture on a yacht sipping Fiji water from an ice cold glass before this. But trust me! I am the most intelligent also. Everything is a tactical move. Everything. This is how we must truly lead our next generations way thinking.”

See Conor’s full IG post below

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