Coachella's Owner Donated $50,000 to a Group Group That Called Homosexuality 'a Satanic Perversion'

Coachella co-owner Philip Anschutz has flat-out denied contributing to anti-LGBTQ causes.  Are those denials really credible?

Coachella co-owner Philip Anschutz continues to draw indignation with his controversial contributions to blatantly anti-LGBTQ causes.  At this stage, it’s hard to tell if Coachella — one the most popular festivals in the world — will suffer as a result a clearly hostile agenda towards the LGBTQ communities.

Anschutz, the ‘A’ in Coachella co-owner Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), has been funneling large sums to organizations that support LGBTQ discrimination, anti-environmentalism, climate denial, and the weakening labor unions.  Those donations were largely unknown until sleuthing reporters discovered the heavy contributions.

New first surfaced on his ‘charitable’ contributions in 2016.  Accordingly, Anschutz ceased funding the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, and National Christian Foundation.  These three groups were at the center the criticism.

In a personal statement released at that time, Anschutz defiantly stated:

“Recent claims published in the media that I am anti-LGBTQ are nothing more than fake news — it is all garbage. I unequivocally support the rights all people without regard to sexual orientation.”

Anshcutz also added that he has immediately stopped giving to certain groups upon learning their support for anti-gay causes.  Apparently, keeping tabs on numerous ultra-conservative causes isn’t Aschutz’s forte.

Now, there are allegations that the Anschutz Foundation continues to support many organizations with anti-LGBTQ agendas.  Enter Pitchfork, which recent obtained the Foundation’s annual tax filing from December 2015 through November 2016.  The report details the dispersion $63.7 million in grants to these organizations.

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As noted, the foundation stopped giving to the three groups at the center the original uproar.  However, it gave to a number other organizations with anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

And the list goes on…

The Navigators, Dare 2 Share Ministries, Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Young Life, and Movie Guide Awards are allegedly among the recipients Anschutz Foundation funding.  These are organizations that have a history making anti-LGBTQ statements.  And that’s not all: Anschutz Foundation is known for supporting politicians with extremely conservative views, not to mention fringe issues like the birther movement (yes: Anschutz actually supported a candidate who openly questioned Obama’s birth in America and whether he was truly ‘American’ regardless).

All which raises the question: did Anschutz’s foundation really stop funding anti-LGBTQ causes. Or, merely the ones that got inconveniently ‘outed’?

There are no figures the donations that Anschutz Foundation made in 2017.  Perhaps those filings will fer the most damning evidence — with serious ripple effects for the decidedly pro-LGBTQ Coachella.