Claudia Stunnaman

“Baby take this L on the chin, ‘Clef
Who got Vallejo crackin’ again? Nef”

DJ Fresh & Nef The Pharoah – I Make It Make Sense
(From The Tonite Show album; 2021)

And who got Nef slappin’ again? Fresh. That’s not technically true since this is a DJ Fresh and DJ Chaz co-production, and last year’s ABC registered a 707 on the Slap-O-Meter, but let’s not get bogged down with details eh? It’s a Romper innit. In fact, it’s a Romp Tremendo.

Ain’t gonna lie, I was bitterly disappointed my NorCal Rap/Strictly Come Dancing puns went flatinum. C’est la vie, I never got the chance to use Studio Tonioli.