Christopher McGinnis Used His Own Marketing Skills as a Musician to Help Thousands of Others

In this era, there are currently over 2 million independent artists in the United States alone. That number seemingly increases each year as new upcoming musicians start releasing their passion and sounds to the world. Amongst these independent artists lies Christopher McGinnis, a professional singer, songwriter, and producer that’s been doing a combination of everything in the music industry since he was five years old.

Christopher McGinnis has been able to stay independent his entire life because he learned about the tools that he needed to build a following and a fan base early in his life. Now, he currently has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and over a million views on YouTube. He has also toured and played shows at tons of venues across the country.

Christopher just dropped five new tracks that are currently out on all platforms. He focuses on feel good beats in these tracks that he produced, mixed, and mastered entirely himself. The new releases are gaining traction fast. Christopher’s favorite part about releasing new music is being able to share it with his fan base and show other artists how he can help them grow.

To help others, Christopher founded EverydaySuccessTeam, a full-service marketing agency that helps thousands of musicians grow their credibility online. Christopher wanted to give musicians a small taste of how he started growing his own platforms and fan base. “If I was able to grow this much myself over the years, I knew I could help others do the same,” Christopher says. He is the definition of a professional in the music industry, and it’s clear he loves to help others just as much as he loves making music.

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