Chris Brown Is Being Sued By His Housekeeper Over An Alleged Dog Attack

TMZ reports that R&B star Chris Brown is being sued by the sister of his housekeeper, who claims that his dog mauled the housekeeper while she was cleaning his home in Tarzana, California. According to the plaintiff, Patricia Avila, the two had been hired to clean twice a week for $600 a day under the condition that the dogs would be kept in a separate part of the property while they cleaned.

However, Avila says that when her sister went into the backyard to empty a vacuum cleaner, one of the dogs, a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, had found its way there and attacked. Avila says that her sister was bitten on the arm, face, and leg. Eventually, the dog was removed and Brown called an ambulance for Avila’s sister, who she says was treated at the hospital for several days, including at least two surgeries. She says that her sister now has PTSD and panic attacks.

She is suing for damages, although the report doesn’t specify how much, saying that Brown failed to protect the sisters from the risk of attack by his dogs. There is no information on a separate suit from the actual alleged victim or a response from Brown.