Chika Slams A Promoter For ‘Disrespecting’ Her During A Club Event She Hosted

Chika has faced disrespect one too many times in the music industry and unfortunately for the Grammy-nominated rapper, she was forced to deal with another instance of it over the weekend. In a lengthy string of tweets, Chika shared a recent encounter with a club promoter that she deemed disrespectful for a number of reasons. On Friday June 2, the rapper was asked to host a club event in Los Angeles, but the night turned out to be extremely disappointing and unsatisfying as she revealed through her posts to Twitter.

“This is why I don’t f*ck with the industry,” she wrote. “Keep disrespecting me, it’s gonna get physical. I’m from Alabama, b*tch don’t play with me.” She added, “Offered me 2k, no complimentary bottles, I paid $1600 for the tab, they didn’t play ONE song of mine, but played like 5 of guest’s (kehlani.)”

Chika later clarified that her comments had “nothing to do with lani,” but rather “the n**** running the event.” She also revealed the promoter’s name to be Brandon Anthony before explaining that an incident like the one at the club makes her specifically targeted.

“Let’s not even try to make this a solidarity moment cuz they would never do this to Cardi, Meg, Saweetie, Latto, Lizzo, Coi Leray, Rapsody, etc,” she added. “This is specific to ME. And a lot of those black women actually never say sh*t. We not in this together.” A few moments later, she shared screenshots of a text message exchange with who appeared to be Anthony. In it, the promoter offers $2,000 as well as car and bottle service for Chika and an invited guest, adding that “no speaking” was needed at the event.

A couple of hours later, Anthony arrived on Twitter to defend his side of things, but Chika wasn’t having it. In a tweet, Anthony wrote in part, “I am not going to allow certain individuals tarnish my name because of a simple miscommunication,” and in response, she said, “Miscommunication, boy shut your lying ass up,” with a screenshot of the promoter telling her, “the people was not there to see yo ass anyway. I promise you.”

Chika also revealed accused Anthony of assaulting another woman the same night of the event. “This was in response to me bringing up him putting his hands on Amiyah last night,” she wrote with a screenshot of a message from the promoter. “PLS report his page.” As her lengthy messages slowly came to an end, Chika shared plans to seek legal action against the rapper. “And since I didn’t sign the contract, I can sue,” she tweeted. “And if he wants to say there was a verbal contract, that “verbal contract” included car service & bottle service which I spent $2k+ on. Boy, I’m bout to collect everything you made last night.” She added, “The lord works in mysterious ways.”

You can see additional tweets from Chika about the club event below.

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