Chiiild’s Dreamy ‘Sleepwalking’ Video Heralds His Debut Album ‘Hope For Sale’

Montreal-based singer Chiiild has been writing music for years now, but made a name for himself with his moving 2020 EP Synthetic Soul. After the project picked up momentum, Chiiild has set his sights on a full-length release. The singer returned Tuesday to officially announce his debut album Hope For Sale with the dreamy track “Sleepwalking.”

“Sleepwalking” arrived alongside an equally tranquil video. Directed by Daniel Regan, the visual seems like a dream itself. It depicts a series of characters moving backwards in time across a remote beach, showing glimpses of a handful of tender moments. Speaking about the experience of making the visual, Regan described it as “a piece about evolutionary love and the subconscious told through dream logic.”

About the song in general, Chiiild said:

“‘How does it feel walking fast asleep, under the moonlight.’ Sleepwalking is a self-reflective song about reclaiming agency over your life. We all have something that makes us special, that nurtured can create something beautiful. With Dan Regan at the helm, the sleepwalking video enters a new dimension. Aiming to create a future nostalgia.”

Ahead of releasing “Sleepwalking” and announcing Hope For Sale, Chiiild sat down with Uproxx to discuss some of the Black artists that have had the biggest impact on Chiiild’s sound. He name-dropped a handful of musicians like the Ethiopian singer Gigi, Massive Attack, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and The Weeknd.

Watch Chiiild’s “Sleepwalking” video above.