Charlie Walk's Career Is Officially on Life Support as 5 More Women Come Forward

Five more women have come forward with serious sexual abuse allegations against Republic/Universal Music Group executive Charlie Walk.  Walk and his attorneys are denying all it.

Charlie Walk is now being accused a relentless, multi-decade reign sexual abuse against numerous female staffers.  The bombshell accusations were recently published by Rolling Stone, the result a month-long investigation involving nearly two dozen sources.

Those sources worked alongside Charlie Walk at either Columbia Records (part Sony Music Entertainment) or Republic Records (part Universal Music Group).  At present, Walk is on paid leave from Republic pending an investigation (more on that ahead).

The latest accusations exclusively involve young-20s female staffers, most whom reported directly to Walk and were new to the music industry.  These former employees have pointed to a non-stop, predatory campaign by the top-level executive, with both verbal and physical menacing.

At best, Walk is accused suggestive comments, unpressional advances, and lurking on personal social media accounts.  At his lowest, Walk is — to be entirely blunt — grabbing pussies, dry-humping employees, sending dick picks, forcibly kissing staffers, and tackling women onto couches and lying on top them in the middle a workday.  Oh, and fering career advancement in exchange for sex.

And these accusations span more than two decades.

Enter Pam Kaye, who worked for Columbia Records for seven years.

She was also Charlie Walk’s personal assistant for 18 months, and said she endured constant harassment from Walk during her employment.  In 2004, Kaye says Walk forced his hand down her pants in a car while returning from a meeting.  Others were also in the vehicle, according to Kaye.

“He took his hand and put it down the front my pants,” Kaye told Rolling Stone.  “I had to subtly try to get his hand away. It’s like a game. He would test the limits as much as he could.”

Kaye says she discreetly batted Walk’s hand away, hoping the others in the car wouldn’t notice.  Walk persisted.

Here’s what Kaye recounted:

“There were other people in the car and all I was thinking was, ‘Are they seeing this?  I just felt so much shame. I always thought that people thought that I wanted something from him … which obviously I never, ever did. I always thought that people thought that I was asking for it.” 

A co-worker said that Kaye exited the vehicle ‘bright red’ and in shock.  “I remember her getting out the car and being bright red,” the colleague stated.  “She was mortified and was just like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’”

That wasn’t an isolated incident, according to Kaye.  Instead, it was part a relentless campaign that also included forcible body contact (while erect) and an unwanted tongue in the ear.  Kaye also says that Walk tossed her onto his fice couch numerous times, then forcibly made out with her.

Oh and this gets worse.

Kate Harold, who was also Charlie Walk’s assistant, also says the abuse was relentless.  Harold says she accepted an invite to attend a work-related dinner with Walk.  Then this happened:

“Shortly into the dinner, I went to the restroom.  When I came out, he was standing right outside the restroom alone… Before I could do anything, he forced his lips on mine with a quick, hard kiss and then rubbed his crotch up against me, letting me basically feel that he had an erection.  I felt extremely dirty and ashamed.  I was embarrassed and just felt violated and gross.”

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Harold says she lived ‘every day in fear’ while reporting to Walk.  But Harold also says that Walk fered to advance her career — if she put out.

“Every day was a day fear.  It was really scary and depressing and probably the worst time my pressional life. Early on in my job, he sat uncomfortably close to me and told me that he could lift my career to extraordinary heights but that I had to be ready to do ‘whatever it takes.’ He was clearly implying that I needed to be willing to sleep with him. As he was saying this, he got up close to my face and winked in a very flirty manner. I completely froze up. I was afraid him. It made me feel horrible.” 

The latest accusations mirror those Tristan Coopersmith, who first fered a story relentless harassment and abuse.

Coopersmith may be getting targeted by Walk’s attorneys, who have repeatedly denied the allegations.  In fact, Walk fered this denial to Rolling Stone:

“I did not do these things and this is not who I am. Throughout my career I have always sought to conduct myself pressionally and appropriately. It is upsetting to be presented with false claims from long ago that I know to be untrue and were never reported. I support the national discussion taking place right now because I believe fully in the importance in treating everyone with respect and dignity at all times.”

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Meanwhile, Walk remains on leave from Universal Music Group.  But sources to DMN say his tenure there is now extremely shaky.  At least one top executive at Republic is ‘trying to figure out how to fire him,’ according to a source inside the label group, though a lawyered-up Walk could fight back with a lengthy and expensive legal challenge.

Separately, Fox has now scrubbed Walk from their ‘The Four’ website.  All which suggests the executive won’t be returning for season two.


More as this develops.