Charles Barkley Said He Really Wants To Meet Eminem: ‘I’m A Big Fan Of His’

Although he’s a legend in his own right, Charles Barkley let it be known that he really wants to meet one of rap’s biggest stars – Eminem. On a recent appearance for The Paul Finebaum Show Barkley said Em is one of the few people who he really wants to meet but hasn’t crossed paths with yet.

“I’d like to meet Eminem,” the former player turned sports commentator said. “I am a big fan of his. I got to meet Snoop Dogg last year. I’ve met Dr. Dre before. I’ve met Denzel, which was awesome. There are very few people that I have not had the opportunity to brush around in my amazing, amazing life.” That amazing life, of course, included a lengthy career in the NBA that resulted in an entry into the Hall Of Fame, an NBA MVP award, and a stint playing basketball in the Olympics.

So, if there’s anyone in this equation who should be excited for this meeting, it could just as well be Eminem! He showed face recently for a venture outside of music when his Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant opened in Detroit. That would’ve been a great place for Barkley to show up in order to meet Em? Either way, surely these two will cross paths soon — especially now that Eminem has heard this high praise. Check out the interview up top, the subject of Eminem comes up around the 4:11 mark.