Casanova pleads not guilty in his attempted Murder case

According to reports, Casanova has pleaded not guilty in an ongoing attempted murder case. The case focuses on an incident that allegedly went down outside the King of Diamonds club in October 2020. The rapper and Jarrett “Jayecee” Crisler allegedly offended a crip who had issues with the signs they were throwing up. The situation between them escalated, which allegedly led to Crisler shooting the crip and an associate of his.

It was noted that Crisler has been working out a deal with prosecutors, but Casanova has claimed innocence in the situation. Via Instagram through a message posted by his management in late October, Casanova said, “The charges against me are false, they don’t represent or reflect the person that I am. They are simply using my past criminal history to crucify me in court. I’m the same individual that went to city hall and housing projects with @ericadamsfornyc to speak to children and explain to them how shootings and gun violence isn’t the way of life.”

Cas concluded by saying “No one should be held accountable for the crimes they have already served their time for, in legal terms that’s considered double jeopardy.” Take a look above.