Cardi B Denied A Rumor That Eminem Turned Down A Collaboration With Her: ‘This Don’t Even Make Sense’

Cardi B has been dealing with a heavy dose of negative comments recently, especially after her Grammy performance of “WAP” and “Up” that once again left conservatives up in arms. It hasn’t stopped her success, in fact, much of the criticism toward her comes as a result of her achievements, like “Up” recently becoming the fifth No. 1 single of her career.

Despite this, people still find a way to try and paint her in a bad light, including a rumor that she dismissed recently on Twitter. The artist responded to a claim that Eminem turned down a potential collaboration with Cardi because “she doesn’t care about the culture or her craft.” Once Cardi caught wind of the tweet, she quickly shut it down.

“I get off the internet and ya makin sh*t up,” she said. “I haven’t sent no songs to no artist yet. Love his work and much respect. This don’t even make sense.”

While the collaboration with Eminem isn’t one that’s been put in motion yet, Cardi did tease the existence of other songs with artists that have yet to be named. “Since they like to make up LIES about me cause their so obsessed just know this,” she added. “Y’all laughing about this fake rumor but wait until y’all see these next collars (winking emoji).”

You can read the tweet above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.