Cardi B Claps Back On A Fan Who Predicted Her Going To Jail Over Her Upcoming Assault Trial

Cardi B’s philosophy when it comes to clapping back is pretty clear; after all, she posted her thoughts directly to Instagram. “No one ever notices when you’re being provoked,” she wrote, “Just when you retaliate.” However, even acknowledging this age-old adage, which applies to street fights and NBA technical fouls alike, Cardi hasn’t stopped defending herself online when trolls attack — especially when it comes to her family.

With a hearing in Cardi’s assault trial over a 2018 strip club brawl coming up, some detractors on Twitter have taken to predicting that she’ll lose the case, despite pleading not guilty to the charges of assault and reckless endangerment. Cardi faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison (which seems unlikely, even if she loses), something a few folks on Twitter took great delight in hooting about (for what it’s worth, it looks like the comments are mostly coming from Nicki Minaj stans, which … maybe not the best time for all that, guys).

However, Cardi had a message for one of them after gloating “You’re going to prison” on one of Cardi’s recent tweets. “Before I go to prison you gone see me breakin more records and making more Ms,” she taunted. Another mocking tweet derided Offset’s potential shortcomings as a parent, prompting Cardi to defend him and wonder “why people think is sweet to play wit my kids.”

Despite being one of Twitter’s reigning queens of clever comebacks, Cardi did admit that she got tired of defending herself from detractors on both sides when she discusses politics. With that realization may come another — you should never, ever feed the trolls.