C-Ski Beatz

Cellski – Still Clappin’
(From Uncle Cell album; 2021)

Bona fide Dope Fiend Beat blues courtesy of Uncle Cell – some proper mogadon mob music slap. It’s a pity Cellski doesn’t produce more beats because that man has BEEN knowin’ how to construct a Slap Classico since the Young Cellski days of Streets Of Frisco. Lest we forget that man was also behind the boards for Won’t Be Right.

The Jacka ft. Cellski – Won’t Be Right
(From Tear Gas album; 2009)

If you can listen to Won’t Be Right and not end up shirtless and screaming “I JUST WANNA CLAP ALL MY ENEMIES” by midway through the first chorus then are we listening to the same song, bro?