Born To Audiomack: 2007 Bonus Beats

Uncle Murda on Noz’s 100 best Rap songs of 2007 list eh? 2020 keeps throwing up all sorts of surprises. Top bloggin’, but missing eleven Martorialist classics by eleven different artists who didn’t make the list. So, here they are in an easily-digestible Audiomack playlist. No surprises here for regular TM™ readers, just eleven songs I’ll never resist the opportunity to Stan for.

1. Camp Lo – Black Hollywood
2. Rock D The Legend ft. Big Boi – DDT
3. ByrdGang – Anniversary
4. Tha Camp – 1 Rubber
5. Grand Puba – Let’s Go
6. Smooth B – I Want My Money Back
7. Jackie Chain – Waffle House Pimpin’
8. AZ – Doin’ That (Memphis Sessions mix)
9. Mic Terror – Juke Them Hoes
10. Blaq Poet – Don’t Give A Fucc
11. A-Wax – Gatez

Favourite find on Noz’s list has gotta be Jhi-Ali’s My Way. Not only had I never heard the song before, I’d never realised Jhi-Ali was a bloke until I saw the video. 2020 truly is full of all sorts of surprises innit?

Jhi-Ali – My Way
(From My Way mixtape; 2007)

**EDIT** Just lookin’ for a no-DJ MP3 of My Way and it turns out the song first dropped on this Slow Motion Soundz compilation in 2005. There’s another solo Jhi-Ali solo track on there called On The Run that I’m curious to hear – anybody got it? It ain’t on YouTube or Ali’s Soundcloud.