Boricua’s Way

Tony Touch ft. Doo Wop & Pain In Da Ass – The Return Of The Diaz Brothers
(From The Piece Maker compilation; 2000)

Tony Touch & Doo Wop were tighter than Carlito & Lalin, nah mean? Here at The Martorialist we’ve got a lotta lotta love for the second single from Tony’s first compilation. On The Return Of The Diaz Brothers Tony & Wop were like a rapping DJ version of The Beatnuts who let Pain In Da Ass deliver his greatest Tony Montana ad libbing on a song. Tommy Boy Records clearly gave Tony a budget with oodles of 0’s to be able to sample Salsation and to shoot a fancy video in Miami featuring Angel “Chi Chi from Scarface” Salazar. Plus, it was a return of The Diaz Brothers foreal foreal because they were the second Hip-Hop duo to adopt the moniker of those infamous characters from Scarface folklore.

Bonus boricua beats: just like Carlito’s barrio, the video for Homeboy Sandman’s Enough ya no existe since he threw a hissy fit and deleted his YouTube account last year. Fortunately it reappeared on his VEVO page a few days ago and I do mean fortunately because it’s such a funny little no-budget video with Sandman, J-Live & Kurious all unintentionally dressed like uncles as they rhyme each other’s verses. In theory, a song built on a drumless acoustic folk guitar sample should be earbola to me; in reality, it was the first Homeboy Sandman song to catch my ear on some EZ-Elpee Listening type shit.

Homeboy Sandman ft. J-Live & Kurious – Enough
(From Hallways album; 2014)

Sandman took Kurious’ “worse than drugs, yeah, stress is a disease” line to heart and turned it into an album.