Bobby Shmurda Wants To Collaborate With Adele On A ‘Strip Club Anthem’

Now that he’s out of jail, Bobby Shmurda, aka Ackquille Pollard, is taking Covid-19 seriously, back in the game, and listening to… Adele? The Brooklyn rapper had some thoughts about a potential collab with the 30 star, but frankly, his idea isn’t very realistic. Though Shmurda may or may not have been spinning 30 when he had the thought of Adele working on a “strip club anthem” with him, there’s nothing on Adele’s new record that would suggest she’d be down. However, would it be epic? Oh it certainly would be, so we have to give Shmurda credit there, for the creativity.

“You know what the world needs,” the rapper began. ” #BobbyShmurda & #Adele to make a Strip Club Anthem.” As one would necessarily need to do in these situations, Shmurda followed the sentiment up with a crying smiley emoji. Perhaps Bobby noticed that within three days, 30 became the best-selling album of the entire year, and those numbers were just as motivating as his desire to make an anthem that sends the club up. Or, maybe he figured if Drake is friends with Adele, then she’s probably worth getting to know. Here’s a better idea, Bobby, hop on the remix of the fifteen minute version of “I Drink Wine” — win win.